Tsukioka Brewery, a Japanese microbrewery, migrates to Shifter

This time, we published an interview with TSUKIOKA BREWERY as a case study of Shifter Consulting Partner HAMWORKS.

Enjoy the story behind the making of this unique duo of brewers and their childhood friend, HAMWORKS!

With the recommendation of a childhood friend, I opened a website using Shifter.

TSUKIOKA BREWERY was newly opened last November. Located in Niigata Prefecture’s Shinbatta City, it opened in the Tsukioka hot spring district along with KITCHEN GEPPO, a brewery where you can enjoy local food.

When the brewery opened, they needed to create a website, and TSUKIOKA used Shifter for their site, which was created by the local members of the brewery and the kitchen.

The company in charge of this project is HAMWORKS, a Shifter Partner Network consulting partner, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, and the president is Hirotake Hasegawa (hereinafter referred to as HAMWORKS).

They chose Shifter because of its security features and the required functionality and because they wanted to be able to update the content themselves.

Success Story

We invited Mr. Yasuyuki Watanabe and Mr. Noriji Shinbo of Tsukioka Brewery and Mr. Hasegawa of HAMWORKS, who was in charge of the website production, for a face-to-face interview.

Yasuyuki Watanabe, Managing Director, whose family has been in the funeral business for over 400 years, and Noriji Shinbo, Brewmaster, whose family has also been in the liquor business for a long time, were interviewed about the background of the opening of TSUKIOKA BREWERY, the craft beer they serve, and the background of the website. We asked them about the background of the opening of Tsukioka Brewery, the craft beers they serve, and the launch of the website.

He talks passionately about his U-turn from Tokyo and his strong desire for his hometown.

Please take a look.


Tsukioka Onsen in Niigata Prefecture is one of Japan’s most popular hot spring resorts and is known for its “hot spring town that makes you want to walk.

Tsukioka Onsen is famous for its emerald green water.

Our mission is to create a beer that “connects” people with those who drink it. Our mission is to create a beer that “connects” the people who drink it with Tsukioka Onsen.

We will continue to contribute to this region through craft beer.

住所:〒959-2338 新潟県新発田市月岡温泉552-111

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