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A Roadmap For Your Shifter Dashboard

Welcome to the Shifter dashboard, the control center for all of your Shifter sites. Here you will find all the tools you need to create and manage your sites, teams, and personal profile.

Locating your sites

When you login to your account the first thing you will see is a list of all your sites, or a clean slate if you are creating your first! The dashboard offers multiple options for viewing your site list and locating any one you want to edit. You can use the search bar to look for the desired site by name, view all of your sites in the “Sites” tab and order them alphabetically, by type, or by those you have added to your favorites list. You can also view your sites by the team that owns each site, found using the “Teams”  button.

The Sites tab

The “Sites” tab is your default view when you log in to the dashboard. From here you can create a new site, order your site list by site name, type, or favorites status, and access your sites for management. To create a site use the “Create a Site” button to the right at the top of the dashboard and follow the prompts to create your site. The order menu is a drop down you can use to organize your site list the way that works best for you.

Your sites are displayed in a list of tiles that include a star button, to add your site to your favorites list, and a “Manage” button, that directs you to the individual site management screen of your dashboard. The tiles also display a thumbnail image of your site, the site name, the URL of your site, and the team the site belongs to.

The Teams Tab

Like the “Sites” tab the “Teams” tab displays a list of all teams that you have been assigned to. If you haven’t been assigned to any teams this list will still display your default team. Here you can create a new team, organize your teams list, and access each team you belong to. You can create a team with the “Create a new team” button, in the top right of the dashboard and you can use the order menu drop down options to choose how you would like your teams list displayed.

Your team list is displayed in tiles, like site titles, and includes the team name, basic information about each team, and the “Manage” button. When you click the “Manage” button you will be directed to the team dashboard.

The Team Dashboard

In the team dashboard you see an overview of all team members and sites belonging to that team.You can view each of these lists individually by clicking on the “Sites” or “Members” options in the left hand navigation menu.

In the “Sites” tab you can add a new site to team, delete the site, or manage a site of your choosing. 

Please note that the site must already exist for you to add it to a team, you can not create a completely new site from this section of the dashboard.

The “Members” tab displays a list of all team members and their roles. From this screen you can manage roles of individuals on the team or remove members from the team, if your own role allows for this.

The “Settings” tab allows you to add details about the team like team name, location of the team, and related links.

Your Account

In the top right corner of the dashboard is a circular thumbnail image with your avatar. By clicking on this avatar button you can access a drop down menu with options to access your personal account settings or log out of your account.

Navigate to your profile by clicking “Account” from this menu. Once inside your profile you can add your full name, contact information, and billing information, as well as access your site subscriptions, update your password, and additional security information.


Your journey through the dashboard is now complete! You should have everything you need to manage your Shifter sites, teams, and account information.

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