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Using Shifter, create or migrate WordPress sites in minutes that are scalable, secure from attacks, and 100% static with no security or caching plugins required.

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Hosting Reimagined

Only run WordPress when you need it.

Jamstack WordPress

Shifter brings the advantage of static sites to native WordPress users in one click.

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We designed Shifter so you can create and deploy WordPress sites faster than ever before.

Integrated CDN

All sites, pages, and assets are 100% served over CDN with no configuration required.

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Deliver more to site visitors and say goodbye render blocking with our HTTP/2 enabled network.

Deploy secure sites that scale and end downtime with Shifter, the serverless hosting solution and static site generator for WordPress.

Magic Link Logins

You’ll never forget your WordPress password on Shifter because you’ll never have to.

Magic Link Logins

Security Built-in

Don’t spend another minute configuring security Plugins. We have you covered.

Security Built-in

Integrated CDN

Deliver fast static content to site visitors anywhere in the world with low latency.

Integrated CDN


Never worry about security vulnerabilities from WordPress Core, themes, and outdated plugins.


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