Serverless-Static WordPress Hosting

Shifter is the WordPress hosting solution that combines static site generation and serverless architecture with the world’s most popular CMS.

WordPress-Hosting Reimagined

Secure WordPress sites are just a few clicks away.

Serverless Architecture

Host your always-on static pages with unlimited scalability and run WordPress in a fully-managed container environment that’s only on when you need it.

Built for WordPress

Use the same WordPress themes, Plugins, and tools you know and love without the headaches of hosting or threats from bots and cyber villains.

A Fully-Hosted Solution

Combines static site generation and serverless architecture to deliver WordPress sites with end-to-end data encryption and unlimited scalability, served anywhere in the world at lightning speed.

1-Click to Start

Our one-click setup of WordPress to ensure that your site can get up and running in absolutely no time! While we handle the security, maintenance, and scaling for you.

Easy Setup

Secure WordPress sites are just a few clicks away

We designed Shifter with a no-fuss approach to hosting. Install WordPress with 1-Click, customize using Themes and Plugins, add a custom domain and deploy.

Outgoing Webhooks

Deploy to Netlify, send notifications to Slack, or build a custom integration all your own.

Integrated CDN

Deliver fast static content to site visitors anywhere in the world with low latency.

HTTP/2 Enabled

Serve content without bottlenecks using our HTTP/2 enabled gateway.

IPv6 Ready

Deploy with IPv6, next generation internet protocol is available on Shifter today.

Security Included

Don’t spend another minute configuring security Plugins. We have you covered.

HTTPS Included

Secure your WordPress site using end-to-end encryption with TLS 1.2 supported.


Plans & Pricing

How Shifter Works

Static Site Generator + WordPress Hosting

Create or migrate a WordPress site

The famous 5-minute install just got easier! Launch a new WordPress site in seconds from the Shifter Dashboard.

Customize with Themes and Plugins

Import an existing site or start fresh by adding themes and plugins then blog to your heart’s content.

Generate a Static Version

Use Shifter’s static site generator for WordPress to create an HTML, CSS, and JS version of your site in one click.

Deploy and Go Live

After deploying your static site will load at lightning speed with our global CDN and automatic HTTPS.

What They’re Saying

Customers & Testimonials

Reading about put me in the mood to go and visit Sleepy Hollow. HT

John Maeda, @johnmaeda

Global Head of Design

My new hosting provider,, does exactly that! You can still work using WordPress, create amazing content, and Shifter will deliver it completely as static files.

Karl Widmer, @widmerkarl

ITC System Specialist

As an engineer, I also think it’s a fantastic use of technology. As a blogger, it gives me the performance and scalability I’m after, at a price point that is much cheaper compared to other hosting options.

Yan Cui, @theburningmonk

AWS Serverless Hero

Shifter offered a number of features which is very hard to implement with WordPress unless you invest a great deal of time and money.

Nish Vamadevan, @nish

Technical Lead

Anyone running their @wordpress site on @getshifter? A serverless WP install kinda sounds amazing. Wondering what the limitations are

MyCool King, @iPullRank

Founder of iPullRank

Shifter looks really interesting in the Static Site world. Might have to have a play at the weekend.

Simon Wood, @hpoom

This is awesome: Shifter – Serverless WordPress Hosting


Shifter built a docker based system, deploying WordPress to Netlify – awesome!

Matt Biilmann, @biilmann

CEO and Co-founder of Netlify

This looks very good. Direction of travel imho for WordPress architecture


Shifting WordPress to the JAMstack: Make your WordPress static

Brian Douglas, @bdougieyo

How @getshifter Introduced #Serverless Hosting to #WordPress w/ #AWS, #DynamoDB & the Serverless Framework, Read More

Serverless Framework, @goserverless

Shifter: a static site generator for WordPress build on top of an AWS #serverless back end. Cool stuff.

Dave Townsend, @davetownsend

@getshifter is applying #serverless to a boring problem everybody has (#WordPress deployments), which is a very smart move.

Ben Kehoe, @ben11kehoe

DigitalCube Launches Shifter, Serverless Hosting for WordPress. Read More

WP Tavern, @wptavern

Want to know how @getshifter brings #Serverless technology to one of the most used CMS platforms? NEW blog post @

Cloud Academy, @cloudacademy

this is a really interesting effort. great first step to take advantage of #serverless benefits. curious as to the next step…

VP, Cloud Research @TrendMicro.
AWS Community Hero.

Mark Nunnikhoven, @marknca

I googled “serverless wordpress”– pretty much as a joke. So surprised to see such a nice way to run WP @getshifter!

Head of Engineering, Futurism

Dan Scanlon, @danscan

This is interesting. Serverless WordPress –

Josh Merriam, @Jmerriam

Server-less WordPress hosting? 🤔 A huge portion of blogs and small websites would be better served by a faster, cheaper, and easier to manage serverless environment.


This is what @asked_io has been preaching for months now

Kenny Hyder, @kennyhyder

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