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Introducing the Shifter CLI

We’re pleased to introduce the Shifter CLI. With this CLI, there’s no need to leave your development environment to use the Shifter dashboard. You can save time while using all of Shifter’s features in a way that’s more developer-friendly.


There are a few categories of commands that allow you to interact with Shifter features.

Here’s a brief overview of those commands. For a complete list and detailed instructions, please view the Shifter CLI page on GitHub.


Build a new artifact using shifter artifact:build or check the status of an artifact using shifter artifact:list.

$ shifter artifacts:build
$ shifter artifacts:delete
$ shifter artifacts:detach
$ shifter artifacts:list
$ shifter artifacts:status

Manage your domains that are attached to Shifter and even attach new ones using shifter domain:attach.

$ shifter domain:add
$ shifter domain:attach
$ shifter domain:get
$ shifter domain:get-verification-code
$ shifter artifacts:list


You can also create and manage sites. You can list your sites using shifter sites:list. Start your site’s WordPress container using shifter sites:start, and more.

$ shifter sites:create
$ shifter sites:delete
$ shifter sites:describe
$ shifter sites:list
$ shifter sites:start

Getting started

To start using Shifter CLI, make sure you have the latest version of Node.js installed. Once you’ve installed Node, all you’ll need to do is fun the following command:

$ npm install -g @shifter/cli

You can also run Shifter using NPX:

$ npx shifter

Once the package has finished installing, you can begin managing, developing, and deploying your Shifter sites directly from the console.

For more information, be sure to check our GitHub page.

Thanks for using Shifter!

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