Getting Started With Shifter – LinkedIn Workshop

Shifter is holding a workshop on LinkedIn to reach a new business-oriented audience on November 19th at 4pm ET. 

Static websites are back and better than ever. Since we launched Shifter in 2016, developers and engineers have become well aware of what static sites are and how they differ from the popular dynamic sites dominating the internet today. But, some business audiences are new to this revolution. Typically, less technical users need help getting on board, choosing the right static site generator for their enterprise, and understanding why static websites are so great. 

If you’re in this category, we’re here to help. We’ve collaborated with Philly based e-learning specialist, Martin Schneider, to help educate a wider audience online. Developer lingo can prevent people from using a product that will benefit them. In this workshop, we are sticking to the basics: “What is a static site and how will it benefit my business operations? How does the WordPress Virtual Container keep my website secure?” General questions like these and many others will be answered in the live workshop. 

This is one of many initiatives we’re currently doing to educate our users  and improve Shifter’s user experience. Look forward to more events like this in the future.

See you at the workshop.

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