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Create a Shopify E-Commerce Site using Shifter Static

It should come as no surprise that shopping online has continued to increase in popularity.  For direct to consumer businesses, selling products online has become standard practice. Omni-channel marketing has also become the standard model for reaching customers, so businesses that had previously only conducted their business face to face are expanding online with more frequency.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 has upturned our lives and made having an online presence essential. An online store on its own, however, is just the start. In a time when personal interaction with your customers is difficult, curating content that delivers memorable experiences and lasting value has become more important than ever. In these stressful times, it’s also critical to ensure that you have the time to run your online business. To make that time, you’ll need to choose a solution for your online store that will allow you to focus on your content without having to worry about technical details or site and server maintenance. If you’re looking to get an online shop up and running with the convenience that will allow you to focus on reaching your customers, combining Shifter Static and Shopify may be the solution for you.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is the world’s leading e-commerce platform that offers a full range of solutions for businesses, from online shops to POS systems. Shopify lets you get your online shop up and running quickly, while also offering a suite of tools for managing your businesses’ inventory, sales, and more. Using a platform like Shopify that’s stable and easy to use will help you build and maintain trust with your customers. Because Shopify makes managing an online shop so easy, the time that you save will be directly reflected in your customer’s experience.

Why use Shopify with Shifter Static?

Getting your products online and ready to sell is a great start, but making sure your customers are able to find your products while maintaining your brand’s equity is more important than ever. Using Shifter Static to host your Shopify store is a perfect solution. Shifter Static allows you to create a static e-commerce site with improved performance and SEO out of the box. You’ll also be getting the flexibility of WordPress that will let you customize the design of your site to ensure that shoppers are getting a branded experience and building a connection with your business. Users updating your site will also have the added benefit of being able to update and manage content using the WordPress dashboard. Typically, creating a static WordPress website would require a lot of lengthy and expensive upfront development work. But creating  a new static WordPress site on Shifter only requires a single click. Setting up Shopify to work with Shifter is easy as well, all that’s required is copying and pasting an embed code. (we’ll show you how to do this in a bit) With this approach, you’ll be able to begin selling your products online immediately backed up by the power and speed of a static WordPress website.

Let’s Try It Out!

Let’s quickly run through the basics of integrating Shopify and Shifter Static. To find our full guide, be sure to check out the official support document for integrating Shopify with Shifter Static.

1. Sign in to Shopify

2. Enable Test Mode

On your Shopify dashboard, under Settings > Payment Options, check the box to enable test mode, then click save.

3. Create a Buy Button

From your Shopify dashboard, click “Create a Buy Button”. Then, choose the type of button you would like to create. 

Next, select the product for which you would like to create a buy button. Then, copy the embed code.

4. Login to Shifter Static

Choose the site you would like to use or create a new one. 

5. Embed your code. 

Start your Shifter site and navigate to the page or post where you would like your products to appear. 

Using a Custom HTML block, paste your code and click publish.

6. Create a new Artifact

To see your products on your live site, generate and publish a new artifact. 

That’s it!

Try it for yourself

Shopify offers a 14 days trial, and Shifter Static also offers an unlimited free trial, so please feel free to give this approach a try for yourself. If you do, let us know, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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