Building a Valuable Tool for a Thriving Business District

Thanks to Shifter Headless the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District (EPABID) launched a refreshed version of their website to better promote businesses on historic East Passyunk Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lovingly referred to as “The Ave.” Executive director Adam Leiter sought to fulfill the need for a new and improved website that both serves as a promotional tool for area businesses and differentiates the Business District from other neighborhoods in the region that are competing to attract new retailers and restaurants.

In order to create a modern, easily navigable, and performative experience, the site was developed using a customized version of WordPress with Next.js and Tailwind CSS. This was accompanied by a custom business directory that utilizes the Shifter Search plugin, allowing visitors to easily sort through all of the available businesses in the area. To support the infrastructure of these features and to ensure that the site remains fast with 100% uptime, the site is hosted on Shifter Headless.

Mr. Leiter and his member businesses have been incredibly pleased with the results. In a follow up conversation a few months after the website launched he said:

“We needed a digital presence that made a good impression and facilitated finding and promoting businesses on The Ave. An important new feature of the website is the search function. Having better search functionality helps you get the answer to your needs faster. A site that looks cool and functions quickly is a competitive advantage against other business districts vying to attract new businesses”

The success of EPABID’s website has been an excellent example of leveraging custom WordPress with Shifter Headless technology and strong web development. This combination of Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Shifter headless hosting paired with Shifter Search has allowed for the creation of a website that is modern, fast, and visually stunning. In addition, the intuitive content management system has lightened the burden of website management for EPABID. This website has been able to provide a valuable resource for the local businesses and visitors of The Ave.

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