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A few thoughts on WordPress in the Jamstack ecosystem

How do I feel about WordPress in the Jamstack system? There are a million ways to say it but the first that comes to mind is; have your cake and eat it too.

If the last two words in that first paragraph didn’t give you pause, take a moment to think about how unusual that actually is. A few short years ago, developers started to rethink how to use the most primary yet reliable web technology in an entirely new way — creating new standards, experiences, businesses, and yes, an entire ecosystem with it. Like all bright ideas, including the big bang (maybe the brightest of them all?), the anarchy of inspiration rapidly expands and all we can do is see where it goes. In time, the dust begins to settle and that inspiration becomes more polished while showing us how to use it in powerful productive ways.

I don’t believe it’s the competitive nature of software development that’s lead us here either. It’s my personal belief (because I have no stats to back this up) that companies today are collaborating more than ever before. Whether that’s directly or indirectly by sharing open-source code, experiences online, or useful content, we like any ecosystem depend on each other.

This is why I’ve always felt that WordPress can learn a lot from other developer communities. There is so much out there to be motivated by and while it may seem irrelevant sometimes, remember there is always something we can learn and improve on. Building a bridge with your surrounding communities will get you where you need to go a lot easier. This approach to creating and discovery has helped me solve challenging problems and I hope you find it helpful too.

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