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We’re Sponsoring WordCamp Singapore!

We’re headed to Singapore!

We couldn’t be more excited to sponsor WordCamp Singapore and we’re thrilled to be a part of this community event.

This will be the 4th WordCamp Singapore and the first since 2017. It’s also our first time sponsoring an event in Singapore, so we’re thrilled that we’re able to take part.  

Here’s a few things we’re looking forward to.

Meeting you!

We’re hoping to make new friends and learn more about the Singapore WordPress community. Let’s grab some coffee together!

The Sessions

This year, it looks like there are quite a few sessions that cover some interesting topics that are pretty relevant to Shifter. So far, session topics include IPv6, security, and running WordPress headless. These are topics we discuss internally nearly every day at Shifter, so we’re excited to learn more from some leading WordPress experts.


Singapore is a city rich with history and culture. We’re very excited to do some exploring and to take in some of the world’s most interesting architecture. 

See you in Singapore!

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