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We’re going to WordCamp US and WordCamp Tokyo!

We’re excited to announce that we’re sponsoring both WordCamp US and WordCamp Tokyo! Two of the largest WordPress events in Asia and the United States.

We feel it’s necessary to support the communities that have given us so much, especially in the US and Japan. It’s how we’ve felt since day one and the feeling remains. After all, without a vibrant community where would we be?

Even more exciting for us is that both WordCamp US and Tokyo are happening on the same days! So we’ve decided to make it a non-stop WordCamp extravaganza. With the Shifter team on both sides of the globe working to bring both communities a bit closer together.

As a globally distributed team, we know first-hand the importance of perspective. Learning what you can from different people, cultures, and experiences is something we value a lot. That’s why we’re looking forward to this one of a kind opportunity.

The Venues


This year’s WordCamp Tokyo returns to the Shinjuku Grand Conference Center. Located in the bustling, neon-lit Shinjuku district, Shinjuku Grand Conference Center offers easy access to some of the best entertainment and night clubs in Tokyo.


America’s Center Conference Center in St. Louis plays host to this year’s WordCamp US. A mere 15-minute walk from the Gateway Arch, this central location provides some of the best views of St. Louis and the nearby Mississippi River.

Talks We’re Excited About


Our very own Hidetaka Okamoto, Engineer at DigitalCube, will be giving his talk titled; “WordPress as a Service – Thinking about developing new products and services using WordPress”.

In this session, Hide will discuss the ways that existing tools such as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products can be integrated with WordPress to leverage and accelerate your business while streamlining production.

We’re also very excited to hear Shindo Takeshi’s talk, “A new world of WordPress frontiers, weaving together WordPress and SSGs (Static Site Generators)” Shindo will be discussing the benefits of using static site generators and the exciting possibilities that SSGs are opening for WordPress users and developers.


Jason Bahl and Muhammad Muhsin’s talk, “Using WordPress with Static Site Generator” is another talk we’re excited about. Jason and Muhammad will discuss the state of static site generators in the WordPress ecosystem. They will also walk us through their own experience using Gatsby with WordPress and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. 

“ROI of UX, How to Apply Money Values to Design” sounds like much-needed advice, and Olesya Beryko will be discussing how to do just that. Oleysa will be providing practical tips to help designers keep functionality first by assigning a monetary value to design decisions.