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WCEU Sponsor Highlight: WordLift

Some might say you’re only as good as the data you have. We’ll add to that and say the data is only good if you know how to use it. That’s where WordLift comes in.

Today’s WordCamp Europe sponsor highlight is for WordLift, a WordPress plugin that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for search engine optimization. By using natural language processing and the data from your site WordLift can analyze your articles and help you improve them.

WordLift also provides content recommendations based on current content. As they say, WordLift does what an SEO expert would do. But we think it can do more.

It seems like an exceptional tool for content creators, bloggers, or really anyone who wants to add some additional insight into their content.

Does it really work? Well, we think so based on the technical focus of the plugin and there’s data to back it up. In layman’s terms, if you make search engines happy they’ll want to hang out with you. Hang out meaning provide you with better results. The first step to achieving that goal is providing your data in a way the search engine can read. WordLift is checks and grades how well your site meets those standards and provides feedback.

Their study shows that semantic markup alone can have a positive impact on your site SEO. Beyond that your content matters as well but you’ll need a good starting point.

We recommend giving it a try and putting their AI to the test.

For more info visit https://wordlift.io

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