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WCEU Sponsor Highlight: WPMU DEV

We’re continuing our countdown to Berlin and once again, we are shouting out a fellow sponsor and showcasing some of their contributions to the WordPress community. Today we’re talking about WPMU DEV.

WPMU DEV describes themselves as an “All-In-One WordPress Platform”. They offer WordPress products ranging from hosting, to support, to plugins.

One of WPMU DEV’s most useful plugins is Smush, an image compression plugin for WordPress.

Poor image optimization is one of the most common sources of web bloat and can be a major contributor to slowing down your site. Images that are too large can result in poor load times which leads to lowering of your site’s search engine ranking, so ensuring that the images that are being used on your site are sized correctly remains as important as ever.

If you’re working within a team, it can be especially difficult to ensure that image file sizes stay small and consistent. When you don’t have a way to ensure your image quality, allowing untrained users to upload content to a site at their leisure can cause a lot of stress. This is where Smush really shines. Smush allows for images to be resized automatically on upload, ensuring that images aren’t slowing down your site. Smush also has an extremely useful feature that allows you to resize all images that have already been uploaded to your media library, meaning slimming down your sites file size is as easy as a button click.
Smush comes in two flavors, free and Pro, with the Pro version offering a lot of extra features like unlimited image compression, CDN, and built in lazy load. Give it a try and see how much space you can save!

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