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WCEU Session Highlight: Understanding what makes a website landing page convert

The countdown to WordCamp Europe continues and we’re highlighting another session that we’re excited about. This time it’s Understanding What Makes a Landing Page Convert!

If you’re connected at all to the business of making websites, there’s a very good chance that at some point you’ve been asked to create a landing page. Because landing pages offer a great way to quickly inform an audience about an event, product, or company it follows that landing pages would be in high demand. Although these sites are simple, they can tend to open up complex questions.

  • What information is worth communicating in the short amount of time a user is on my site?
  • What is the best way to promote user engagement?
  • How much information does a user need to get from point A to point B?  

That’s why we’re excited for this session from Rob Hope. For over 10 years, Rob has run One Page Love, one of the best resources for landing page inspiration and templates. Rob brings this expertise to his session where he will discuss design solutions that will encourage users to make decisions quickly when they visit your landing page.

Landing pages are especially interesting to us at Shifter because it’s one of the most popular type of sites to host on our platform. This makes sense Shifter a a perfect solution for any site that doesn’t require frequent updates.

We’re also interested in Rob’s advice related to his minimalist approach to design. We’re big believers in simplicity, so we’re excited to hear his thoughts as we continue refining how we design our products.

See you in Berlin!

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