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WCEU Session Highlight: Develop with Docker: Containers for everyone

As we look forward to the next WordCamp Europe, we wanted to highlight some of the sessions, topics, workshops, and events happening at this year’s event.

Here is another event we are particularly excited about!

Titled, Develop with Docker: Containers for everyone, this session focuses on Docker as a part of your local development environment. Last year we were fortunate enough to have hosted one of the workshops at WordCamp Europe also related to developing with Docker.

Docker is a crucial part of how Shifter works and we believe there’s a lot to learn from using container environments, even when developing locally.

So, why not XAMPP or MAMP? They are great too. Docker should just be another tool in your toolbox in case it’s the right solution. At the very least we recommend giving it a try and see how you like it.

For anyone interested in a hand-n demo of getting started with Docker and WordPress we’ve open sourced our materials from last years WCEU workshop on GitHub.

Materials: https://github.com/getshifter/wceu-workshop

Last year: On-demand dev with Docker and WordPress

Feel free to hit us up with questions or during the conference at our sponsor booth.

See you in Berlin!

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