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User Role is now available!

User Role is one of the most requested features. With this feature, the Owner account can add permission to member users belonged to Team, and create effective workflows to operate websites.

For publishing or updating content in precisely time, the Owner account user can set editors team as Editor role to enable them only create or update posts; set the emendation or publishing team as Member role.


We’ve added the two roles for Shifter Team:

1. Editor

The editor is allowed to operations for WordPress only. For example, start and stop WordPress or create and edit posts. It’s not permitted to create Artifacts (Generate) or to publish them (Deploy).

Permitted operations

  • Access to invited Team
  • Start/stop WordPress or edit posts on it belogned with Team.

2. Member

More than Editor role, creating new artifats or publishing website.

Permitted operations

  • Access to ivited Team.
  • Start/stop WordPress or edit posts on it belogned with Team.
  • Generate or Deploy artifacts.

Assigning Roles to Team members

Really easy to do.

Navigate to member list from Team page, then select member to change his role.

For more details, check out our support documsnts:

If you’re looking for details of Team, check another support document:


  • The Owner can set different Role to members between Teams.
  • The website owner is an Account owner (Owner). Owner account should not be multiple.
  • Change the email address to the new Owner if you want to change it.
  • The only Owner can register or assign a custom domain to the website.
  • The existing Team member is given Member role. The Owner can change it at any time.
  • Due to the release of this feature, one website can belong to only one Team. If you already use Team feature and a website has belonged to two or more Team, Owner may remove a website from other Teams.

 The new feature Role is available Tier 1 or grater plan. If you have anything else, feel free to contact us on support chat.