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Upgrade your business with a purpose-built form and Shifter Static integration

Forms are a necessary part of almost any website. That necessity means that it’s important to closely focus on UX design to ensure smooth communication with your customers. The ultimate goal is to make connecting with customers easier by increasing the ways that customers can get in touch with you. If we can also manage to keep the solutions that we use for these points of contact simple and easy to manage, it will help our business grow. 

In other words, if we use forms that are easy for both our site visitors and content editors to use,  we will have achieved a web marketing ecosystem that best helps our business thrive. 

When it comes to form integration with Shifter sites, we recommend using Javascript, SaaS based solutions. This is because these types of solutions are easy to install, they generally provide great customer service, and they’re compatible with Shifter’s architecture. 

In this article, we will go over some of the form and chat providers that work well with Shifter and offer a great user experience. We’ll be discussing the benefits for each option and why you might choose a solution for your site. 


Perfect for anyone looking for a basic form with easy setup.

Formspree Site
Shifter setup guide

Quick highlights

  • Optimal for static sites
  • No design restrictions
  • Simple installation.
  • Safe form data management 
  • SaaS to SaaS workflow
  • Free to try 

Formspree is form service that is widely popular amongst WordPress users.
Service can be set up with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and work well with Shifter.

In addition, the data you receive through Formspree can be connected with Slack, Stripe, Google Sheets, Zapier, through a webhook, and more. 

Form Run

A form builder for businesses.

Form Run Site
Shifter setup guide

Quick highlights

  • Easy, templated setup
  • Optimal for static sites
  • Simple installation.
  • Manage with a team  
  • Email functions included. 

Form Run is a Japanese service that allows you to use templates to easily create forms that fit your needs. Of course, you can still customize your own forms using HTML or CSS. Just put the iframe Script in Shifter Static and set your site URL to Form Run and you’re ready to go. Form Run also includes great security features so getting started is quick an worry free. 

Kwes Forms

Forms that are functional and versatile.

Kwes Forms Site
Shifter setup guide

Quick highlights

  • Most complete developer form builder on the web. 
  • Advanced form settings.
  • Advanced form setup is quick and easy.
  • Equipped with 49 validation rules 
  • Automatically block 97.3% of spam

Kwes forms is an excellent form service made for developers. You can easily create a wide variety of forms such as calendar and credit card forms as well as forms that use dynamic data. Kews also comes equipped with cutting edge security tech like AI spam protection. Zapier also integrates well with Kews, enabling a smooth management workflows such as sharing form submission data with more than a thousand applications. 


Easy to install and perfect for all types of marketing.

Typeform Site
Shifter setup guide

Quick highlights

  • Most suitable form for marketing purposes
  • Quickly create beautifully designed forms
  • Built in functions for all customer journeys.
  • Equipped with 49 validation rules 
  • High quality service with a great user experience. 

When it comes to marketing sites, Typeform is not just a form, it’s a requirement. Typeform is a reliable service for marketers who are able to choose from templates prepared in advance. Their service offers forms of all types from ordering, to lead generation and survey forms. Typeform also offers helpful tips when you are uncertain about how to strengthen your customer relationships. It is also possible to link Typeform with CRM SaaS products like Intercom, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more. 

HubSpot Forms and Chat

HubSpot Forms Site
HubSpot Chat Site

Live Chat Shifter setup guide
Live Chat Shifter setup guide

Quick highlights

  • Strong integration with third party business tools.
  • Build on Hubspot’s business dedicated platform.
  • An easy to start process makes facilitating business promotion an efficient process.
  • Centralized management of all tools and data.

HubSpot Forms combines sales, marketing, and customer success tools into one inbound marketing platform. In addition to allowing you to manage your customers, you can create chat systems and forms to easily collect data for use within Hubspot or for driving business decisions. 

Creating an environment for Growth

Using these solutions with Shifter Static  is a shortcut to business growth. This will allow you to create an environment that lets you focus on your business by eliminating waste and creating a closer relationship with your customers. 

Give these solutions a try for yourself, and let us know how Shifter can help meet your business’s needs.

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