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Updated to WordPress 5.6

Jamstack solutions for WordPress

Using Shifter, create or migrate WordPress sites in minutes that are scalable, secure from attacks, and 100% static with no security or caching plugins required.

no credit card required

Some of the world’s leading businesses, thinkers, and creatives call Shifter home.

Hosting Reimagined

Create a new site or migrate an existing WordPres site in minutes.

Easy Installation

Create a new WordPress site right from the Shifter Dashboard, no uploading required.


Work with others and share access to your Shifter account using our team features.


Shifter manages WordPress core so you're always up to date and plugins never vulnerable.

No Coding Required

Easy for non-developers to get started using WordPress themes or page builders.

Discover how Shifter empowers every industry

Deploy secure sites that scale and end downtime with Shifter, the serverless hosting solution, and static site generator for WordPress.

Teams & Members

Secure access to WordPress and data with teams Create teams for controlling access to sites from one account.

Automated Backups

Automatically create WordPress backups as you generate static sites and deploy changes.

Security Built-in

Don’t spend another minute configuring security plugins. We’ve got you covered. Just ask our engineers.

Automated Scaling

Eliminate downtime when traffic surges and maintain your page rank, all powered by static file storage and our CDN-first approach to scaling WordPress.

Built for WordPress

Our team designed Shifter based on their years of experience as WordPress core contributors.


Never worry about security vulnerabilities from WordPress Core or your hosting environment, our team of engineers manages that for you.

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See what our customers are building on Shifter.