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Test Drive: Setka Editor

Hi everyone! Today we are test driving the plugin Setka Editor with Shifter.

Setka Editor is a WYSIWYG page builder created by Moscow based company Setka. Setka Editor requires zero coding and can be used to create modern and well-designed sites or blog posts. Setka Editor also comes packaged with sophisticated magazine-style layouts with AMP built in. 

Setka is a highly regarded tool in the industry, as shown recently by being featured at AMP Conf Tokyo in Google Strategic Partnership Manager Jeanny Haliman’s session Building AMP-First Sites, the WordPress Way.

The Setka Editor and Shifter

We first came across the  Setka Editor at WordCamp for Publishers 2018 in Chicago . 

Shifter and Setka were both cosponsoring the event, and we quickly noticed that Setka made a great match with Shifter.  We were able to give and receive some great feedback for each others products, and a new relationship was born. 

Combining Shifter and Setka Editor allows you to leverage the power of a WYSIWYG page builders with JAMstack-like static sites, allowing you to take advantage of benefits like:

  • The ability to use WordPress as an Editor for Creating Articles
  • Being able to customize the site freely using the plug-in
  • The security, speed, and worry-free maintenance that comes with static sites.

Let’s get started!

Add a Site in the Shifter Dashboard

Prepare a WordPress environment for using Setka Editor on Shifter. 

Click “Create New Site” in the “SITES” menu, enter the site name and the latest version of WordPress will be installed automatically.

Make sure that WordPress is running and click the Dashboard button to access your WordPress dashboard. No need to log in through an admin page, Shifter’s WordPress login is keyless!

Install and activate the Setka Editor plug-in from the WordPress dashboard. 

After installing and activating Setka Editor, you will need to use the sign-up screen from the plugin setup page. Register your account and get started. 

If you’re just setting up the plugin to use on a single site,  an Individual account should be fine. 

Setka will send you a confirmation email after setup. Go ahead and follow the email instructions to complete your registration.

Let’s make our first post with the Setka Editor!

How to use Setka with Gutenberg

Setka Editor may be selected from Gutenberg layout elements.

When you use the editor for the first time, Setka will walk you through their main features with a  guided tour. Setka also offers a bunch of tutorial videos and documentation in case you get stuck. 

Let’s start by selecting “Getting started” from the “Choose template” menu.

This template loads a demo layout that also does a thorough job describing basic usages such as setting layouts and media, various functions such as animation, micro templates and custom icon libraries. These tools allow you to quickly and efficiently set up branded templates that will speed up production and instill your brand with a sense of unity. In all, we feel like this template is the best way to learn the Setka editor as it allows you to learn all the functions in a hands-on way.

One of the huge benefits of using Setka is the ability to use templated content. By using the Style Manager, users are able to set custom icons and create micro templates that allow any marketing or editorial staff to freely combine these elements all while staying on brand. With Setka, it’s easy to set up a design system that can be used by anyone..

Let’s go static!

By clicking the  Generate Artifact link on the WordPress dashboard, Shifter quickly generates a static site. 

Files on our static sites are stored on the durable 99.999999999% (9 x 11) Amazon S3 and copied to an edge location of 100 or more AWS CloudFront locations worldwide to ensure high-speed content delivery with the security of SSL 

After the site has been generated, WordPress shuts down automatically. That means there’s no need for infrastructure engineers to monitor a server or middleware or to spend time worrying about maintenance and traffic spikes.


We’ve create our first post with the Setka Editor running on Shifter.

We think the Setka Builders design approach, ease of use, and robust features make them a perfect match for Shifter. Give it a try for no cost by signing up for a free trial with Shifter and giving the Setka Editor an install for yourself.

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