Early adopters of the latest WordPress hosting technology choose Shifter.

When forward-thinking companies require a modern WordPress hosting solution they consider all the factors like security, maintenance, and reliability. Shifter protects sites where WordPress plugins fail, provides scalability beyond the traditional hosting stack, supports custom workflows for web development teams, and seamlessly now integrates the hosting platform with CMS.

Security for technology-focused brands

The best security plans are simple and Shifter’s strategy is no different. The way Shifter protects WordPress sites is by removing those attack vectors completely. WordPress sites are attacked in a few ways: Attacking WordPress itself, the hardware it’s hosted on, or the network on which it operates.

Managing users is more secure and simpler

Shifter protects WordPress by running it in a secure environment that only account owners and team members can access. Account owners have complete insight into who can access WordPress and it’s only running when they need it.

Users who visit Shifter WordPress sites never visit the WordPress site directly. As a static site generator for WordPress, Shifter creates a completely static version of the existing WordPress site. WordPress only runs when it’s needed for updates or changes to the content and it’s only accessible by the team members within your Shifter account. Those accounts are synced with WordPress and passwords are never used either.

Be more productive and never forget a password again

Shifter uses a magic link login system for accessing WordPress sites. You’ll never forget a WordPress password on Shifter because passwords are tokenized for security and you’ll never use the same one twice. Simply log into your Shifter Dashboard, start WordPress and log directly into your WordPress sites.

Scalability beyond traditional hardware

When traditional hardware fails during high traffic, Shifter excels at providing reliable connections with our CDN first approach to hosting. All website assets are static and served over Amazon’s CloudFront CDN. Unlike caching plugins or sites cached over a CDN, there is no origin server to fail. Shifter will continue to meet high traffic demands regardless of the location and traffic patterns.

With Shifter’s CDN first approach we can also extend the benefits that Amazon’s CloudFront CDN has to offer like protection against DDoS, edge location caching which serves web pages to site visitors nearest to them, and one of the largest networks of any cloud provider.

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