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Shifter’s unique approach to web hosting gives marketing teams an edge over its competitors in more ways than one and here are a few that Shifter can provide.

The benefits of JAMstack with the comfort of WordPress

JAMstack is an approach to building modern web sites and applications using JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. While the tools can vary, the benefits are all the same. It’s all about speed, scalability, and reliability.

If your business focuses on landing pages, event sites, lead generation and more, access to use WordPress and the rich ecosystem of page-builders, themes, and plugins are essential. Shifter allows you to continue to use the same WordPress tools you know and enjoy while giving you the benefits that JAMstack has to offer.

Page rank and SEO

Speed is one of the biggest factors for SEO and page rank. Shifter gives your WordPress sites the reliability of serving website visitors without bottlenecks or lag due to high traffic demands. There is nothing to configure like caching plugins or additional fees to keep your sites secure.  Just create your landing pages and experience the difference.

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