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Freelancing or running WordPress as a part of your business can be daunting. Everything from client support, recovering damaged sites, or managing risk, takes time and comes at a cost. Shifter was designed with the purpose to solve those problems.

Save time and focus on what matters

One minute spent fixing a hacked site is one minute not being productive. Imagine never having another surprising phone call or email to fix a website that’s down or damaged. Shifter keeps WordPress secure from that happening so you can grow your business with peace of mind.

Manage clients with ease using Shifter teams

We’ve created a feature called Shifter teams which allows account owners to create sites and assign them to specific teams. Teams could represent clients or departments that need access to those sites. As a freelancer or account owner, you have complete control over who can access the WordPress sites you manage. Revoke access anytime or onboard new users with a simple invitation right from the Shifter Dashboard.

Be more productive and never forget a password again

Shifter uses a magic link login system for accessing WordPress sites. You’ll never forget a WordPress password on Shifter because passwords are tokenized for security and you’ll never use the same one twice. Simply log into your Shifter Dashboard, start WordPress and log directly into your WordPress sites.

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