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Shifter Organizations are now Teams.

As we continue our countdown to WordCamp Europe, we want to share some important updates coming to Shifter in the near future. The first of these updates has already launched, and it’s a simple one: Organizations in Shifter are now called Teams.

Why the change?

We’ve heard from a lot of Shifter users curious if they can add multiple users to a single site, and the answer is yes! Up until now, site owners have been able to create an organization and invite members to collaborate through the Shifter dashboard. However, we’ve realized that the term “Organization” tended to confuse users and worked to obfuscate this feature.

How are Teams and Organizations different?

Teams function the exact same as Organizations. Only the name has changed.

That’s it! For more information on how Teams work with Shifter, be sure to check out our support article Introduction to Teams.