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Introducing XML sitemap support for static WordPress sites with Shifter

Shifter now supports XML sitemaps from the most common WordPress Plugins. This includes support for Google XML Sitemaps, Yoast SEOAll in One SEO PackJetpack by WordPress.com, and more.

If there’s a particular sitemap plugin or feature you’re using and not sure if we support it, just ask!

Sitemaps are identified by working with entries in robots.txt. Shifter can capture multiple sitemap.xml files and mark them for deployment. These sitemap files are a part of static site Artifact and can also be downloaded to your local machine.

By combining sitemap support, the Shifter WordPress static site generator and a serverless hosting platform, you can now deliver sites faster with no sacrifice to SEO.

A few gotchas to consider are, this feature does not support gzipped XML sitemaps so if your preferred WordPress sitemap plugin offers that feature please disable it. This feature supports internal links to other sitemaps local to your site but does not work with sitemaps external to the original site.

If you need more control over what gets generated it is possible to customize the robots.txt file with various plugins such as Virtual Robots.txt.

As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback on new features!

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