• Contact form plugin and its class or id on the form element
    e.g. ContactForm7 or Gravityforms or other
  • Form endpoint URL ( IFTTT, Basin, FormKeep, Formspree, or custom Endpoints)
  • Shifter Form plugin

Setting up

1. Create an endpoint URL

We use Basin for this.

To get started create a Basin account. They offer a free starter plan for core features that would cover most users needs.

2. Copy endpoint URL

Once you have an account and verified your email address create your first form endpoint. This endpoint will generate a unique URL.

Your basin URL will look something like this:

3. Login to Shifter dashboard

4. Start WordPress and login to it

5. Install and activate contact form plugin (e.g. ContactForm7, GravityForms)

6. Create a form page with it

7. Access a form page

8. Find the CSS class name in the form element and copy it


Gravityforms: #gform_1, gform_2 or similar

ContactForm7: form.wpcf7-form

9. Download Shifter Form plugin

10. Upload and activate it

11. Navigate to Shifter Form menu under Tools menu

12. Click [Add New] button to add form action

13. Input fields

  • Title: Name your form
  • Target: form.wpcf7-form if ContactForm7
  • Action URL/Outgoing Webhook: (e.g.
  • Confirmation Page (optional): leave it blank, add /thankyou or anything else

Here is a sample setting of ContactForm7 and Basin integration

14. Click [Publish] to save and activate the form

15. Stop WordPress and generate an Artifact

16. Access your form URL and confirm it works.

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