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Rebuilding WP Serverless Forms

Hey, Dan here! I wanted to quickly share some updates I have planned for a project I’m very fond of called, WP Serverless Forms.

WP Serverless Forms is a plugin that was created to add functionality to forms on static WordPress sites. Since static sites do not require PHP to run, any form plugin that also requires PHP to process a form request simply won’t work on Shifter.

Instead, when a user hits submit we send that data to a location other than WordPress. That could be anywhere such as Twilio, Formspree, IFTTT, and more.

It was the first plugin I ever created for public use. I’ve made other plugins before this but never designed one for a mass audience and it was also my first release in the WordPress Dot Org plugins directory.

Through this experience, I’ve learned a lot and I’m happy to say that I’m ready to make some changes.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on an update to the WP Serverless Forms plugin and here are the key features I want to add.

Support for more plugins

Right now, the only form plugin WP Serverless Forms supports is Contact Form 7. We decided to start here because Takayuki Miyoshi is a dear friend of ours and it’s by far the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress.

We thought by starting with the largest install base would be a great approach and it’s worked out so far. It’s picked up a lot of users and the setup is easy enough.

However, we want to bring the features of WP Serverless Forms to more users beyond Contact Form 7

Unique settings for each form

The idea behind the first release was simple. Target the CF7 form class and apply the required settings. If you had different settings for different forms, you were stuck.

The next release will add support for targeting a specific form, with unique settings so you can go crazy with customizations.

Support for custom forms

This request was less common but I feel it’s necessary. If you have a custom HTML form for whatever reason and need to apply some actions to it, you can target that form now.

I’ll be adding an option to target forms using a class or ID selector method. If you’re familiar with targeting a class in jQuery it’ll be the same idea.

See you at WordCamp Europe!

I’m looking forward to bring the next version of WP Serverless Forms to a public release and demoing it at the next WordCamp Europe

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