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New landing pages for Korean, Thai, and Taiwanese

Hello everybody, This is Seiji, Customer Success Manager at DigitalCube with another update.

Following the addition of Shifters new Taiwanese landing page, we recently added two more for Korean and Thai! This is a part of our effort to make Shifter more accessible in native languages wherever we travel.

This would not have been possible without the support form a few key folk we’d like to shout-out. Thank you very much to William Tai, Yuli Yang, Hung – Chun Chiang, Hyunmin Kim, Kittaya Kanchanobhas (Tak) who helped translate.



Translation by William Tai, Yuli Yang, Hung-Chun Chiang



Translated by Hyunmin Kim



Translation by Kittaya Kanchanobhas (Tak)

We often use English in an international environment, but language sometimes is as much the culture itself as the country and it is deeply related to the identity of the speaker.

As WordPress is translated into a variety of languages ​​by contributors while the layout of the dashboard in each language is kept beautiful because of a precise translation of volunteers who appreciate and understand their native language.

Due to WordPress’ s democratization of publishing as a mission, it is devised so that it can be used in various languages.

From now on, Shifter is a completely new approach called a serverless static site generator that will contribute to WordPress users to push for democratization of publishing. Please let me know from the chat window if you have any notes.

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