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This article is a dedicated branch of “Custom Domains on Shifter for MuuMuu Domain. Before following the instructions, you’ll need to follow “Custom Domains on Shifter to register domain name to Shifter and get domain verification records.

Sample domain and DNS records

Sample Domain:

example.com , www.example.com

Sample Shifter Domains:

Sample Validation Records

For example.com

Name: _abcde.example.com
Value: _01234.acm-validations.aws.

For www.example.com

Name: _hijkl.www.example.com
Value: _56789.acm-validations.aws.

Setting up DNS records on MuuMuu Domain

1. Login to ControlPanel

URL: https://muumuu-domain.com/checkout/login

2. Click domain name you want to edit.

We use sample domain example.com on this document.

3. Click [セットアップ] button to modify DNS settings

Make sure ネームサーバ1 and 2 is provided muumuu domain’s DNS server.

4. Add validation records

No. 1:
In the サブドメイン field, input _abcde
In the [種別] field choose CNAME
In the [内容] field input _01234.acm-validations.aws

No. 2:

In the サブドメイン field, input _hijkl.www
In the [種別] field choose CNAME
In the [内容] field input _56789.acm-validations.aws

Note: Trim last period from the provided value from Shifter dashboard.
If the record you got is _01234.acm-validations.aws. You can input will _01234.acm-validations.aws to the field.
It’s a due to MuuMuu domain doesn’t accept period-ended value.

5. Save changes

Click [セットアップ情報変更] button

6. Add ALIAS and CNAME.

After completed domain verification, let’s set up ALIAS and CNAME record for your domain name.

For example.com (without subdomain)
No. 3:
[サブドメイン]: keep blank
[種別]: Choose [ALIAS]
[内容]: input CloudFront Domain. This case, def456.cloudfront.net.

For www.example.com (with www-subdomain)
No. 4:
[サブドメイン]: www
[種別]: Choose [CNAME]
[内容]: input Shifter’s record value which end with on.getshifter.io, or CloudFront Domain. In this case, abc123.on.getshifter.io.

7. Save changes

Click [セットアップ情報変更] button

That’s all!

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