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Let’s Connect at WordCamp! Introducing #WordCampConnect

Today, we’re celebrating two global events. First, we’re kicking off in Tokyo and next in St. Louis just mere hours apart. Despite 6,410 miles between these two events, they have something special in common. They are both WordCamps!

WordCamp US kicks off in St. Louis tomorrow morning with attendees from all around the globe while WordCamp Tokyo begins in just a few hours! It’s a special time for us since we’re sponsoring both events with team members in-person to answer questions and discuss your feedback.

For this unique event, we decided to bring it closer to home. We’ve adopted the official WordCamp Tokyo theme of Connect.

This year’s theme Connect is as simple as that. No matter your background, culture, language, abilities, or any characteristic that makes you who you are, WordPress has a way to connect us. To celebrate this we’ve created a small project in that same spirit.

Introducing Shifter’s WordCamp Connect Postcards! You can collect all 5 original postcard designs from any team member at either WordCamp US or WordCamp Tokyo. 

You can also send your own virtual postcard to WordCamp attendees on the other side of the globe using the hashtags #WCUS or #WCTokyo with #WordCampConnect on Twitter.

These messages will all be available to read at connect.getshifter.io, so get to posting!

Need some ideas? Here are a few tips for what to share. Tweet about something you’ve learned or someone you met. Share your experience with the community or send a message of goodwill to members of the WordCamp community. Creating long-lasting connections and real friendships at WordCamp does happen!

Share your experience with the Shifter team and the WordCamp community. And most of all, have fun! We look forward to reading all of your messages.

See you at WordCamp! Let’s connect. 🙂

#WordCampConnect #WCUS #WCTokyo