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JAMstack For Everyone

In Justin Baker’s article Developer Experience (DX) — Devs Are People Too, Baker argues that tools for developers should be well designed and maximize productivity. “Just because functionality is paramount does not mean design is not important” Baker continues, “Design is about effectively delivering functionality to the developer. The more intuitive your design, the more the developer can take advantage of your product’s core functionality.”

Implicit in Baker’s article is the idea that, although tools and products tend to be separated, ease of use accomplishes the same goal in both scenarios. In both cases, the goal of design is to distill a complex task traditionally reserved for those with niche knowledge into a product or tool that is usable by everyone.

With Shifter, one of our goals is to bring this idea to JAMstack. JAMstack is a new and innovative approach to web development that rejects the traditional components of a technology stack like servers, operating systems, and backend programming languages in favor of a simplified approach using client side Javascript, diverse APIs, and templated markup. With so many benefits in speed, security, and cost, this approach has emerged as the future of web development. However, this approach has remained exclusive to developers with the knowledge of particular frameworks and combinations of services. One of our reasons for building Shifter is to finally bring this approach to the masses. Shifter’s architecture allows for incredibly simple one-click access to the JAMstack approach. We’ve also built Shifter around WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS because of its wide adoption, ease of use,  and commitment to open source.

Tools that are used to create technology ought to allow for a level of skill as diverse as its users. If we truly believe that diverse minds will build the future of technology, we need to allow access to new technology and new approaches to technology as possible. We must emphasize keeping every skill level in mind from beginners to experts. A feature that’s easy to use for a beginner may be frustratingly simplistic for an expert developer, and a feature that an expert developer can learn about by reading through tens of pages of documentation may not be accessible enough for a beginner, so it remains important to consider your audience.

We’ve certainly done our best to accomplish this with Shifter, but your feedback is always welcome. Don’t be afraid to contact us if something isn’t feeling as easy to use as it should be.

If you would like to give the JAMstack approach a try, it’s as simple as signing up for a free trial. We also offer a free trial so no matter your experience, you can experience the best approach to modern development today.