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Introducing the Shifter Showcase

Since we launched Shifter at WordCamp US 2016, we’ve been amazed at the variety of ways that people have used our product. From large businesses to personal blogs, Shifter is being used in some amazing ways.

Something we often hear from folks considering Shifter is that they have a good idea of what Shifter is, but can struggle to understand what Shifter is actually for. Due to its serverless nature, Shifter does work a little differently than a typical hosting services, so this is an important question.

That’s why today we’re launching the Shifter Showcase. The Showcase is intended to not just give potential users a good idea of how Shifter can be used, but also show off some of the amazing work that our clients are doing.

Honestly, it seemed a little selfish to keep all of this to ourselves, so hop on over to the Showcase and get inspired!

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