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Introducing Simple Basic Authentication for Shifter Static Sites

We’re excited to announce that we have added a function that will allow Shifter users to apply basic authentication to public sites hosted on Shifter and set access restrictions by user ID and password.

This function is available on Tier 2 plans and above.

This simple basic authentication feature is useful in cases where you would like to share a website that is still under development with only certain outside parties.

With this release, collaborative development and review processes for Shifter sites will be easier and more convenient, especially when paired with our static site preview function and the ability to easily switch the version of your published site.

Conditions and Restrictions 

  • This feature is available on Tier 2 plans and above.
  • The simple basic authentication function is valid for the entire public static site. It cannot be used to exclusively authenticate specific pages.
  • Please note that this  authentication does not give access to  your Shifter dashboard.
  • Only one password will be issued automatically. This password  cannot be changed.
  • Authentication is controlled by the Shifter CDN. There will be a delay of several minutes when starting or stopping  this setting before it takes effect.

Let’s try it out!

On the ‘Sites’ page of your Shifter dashboard, select the site where you would like to enable the basic authentication function. Then navigate to the ‘Settings’ page for that site.

Check that your site is using a Tier 2 plan or higher. 

Here, Basic Authentication is turned off. To turn Basic Authentication on, simply click the toggle switch. 

After Basic Authentication has been turned on, there will be a short delay. Once the delay has ended, you will be able to view your sites Basic Authentication username and password. 

Please feel free to contact support with any questions or feedback.

Thanks for using Shifter. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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