How to publish an Artifact at a specified date and time

What is Scheduled Publish

Scheduled Publish is a key feature of Shifter. You can release a generated Artiafct on a future date, restore an old Artifact on a specified date, and publish an Artifact for a limited time.

How to schedule

1. Login to the Shifter dashboard

2. Navigate to your Shifter site

3. Scroll down to “Deploys” section

4. Click [Detail] button of an Artifact you want to schedule

5. Scroll down to “Scheduled Publish” section

6. Click the calendar icon

7. Calendar will pop up, then choose your desired date…

… and time you want to publish

8. Click [Schedule] button

9. The date is set

10. Back to the Overview page and make sure the Publish is scheduled

Wait for the time to be published.

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