How to create a Progressive Web App with WordPress on Shifter

In this step by step guide we’ll walk you through creating a Progressive Web App using WordPress. For more information about PWA and their benefits, check out our article about PWAs.


Step 1

Sign in to your Shifter account

Step 2

Start your WordPress site

Click [Start WordPress] button to boot up WordPress.

Step 3

Search PWA XWP and install the PWA plugin and activate it.

What does the PWA Plugin do?

This PWA plugin automatically inserts rel=”manifest” into header section once it’s activated.

For example:

<link rel="manifest" href="/wp-json/app/v1/web-manifest">

Step 4

Generate an artifact and deploy

After activating the PWA plugin, go back to Shifter console then click [Stop WordPress].

Click [Generate] to begin creating a static version of your WordPress site and deploy.

If you’ve already activated auto deploy, when your artifact is ready it will automatically be published after it’s generated.

If you do not have auto deploy enabled, you’ll need to deploy the newly created artifact.

Step 5

Check the PWA app manifest

PWAs include a file called a manifest. This is where the information about your Progressive Web App is stored.

There are a few ways to confirm your manifest file is there.

Lighthouse by Google is similar to Google PageSpeed Insights (but better) as it’s actively developed and offers up more data.

Using Lighthouse requires their Google Chrome Extension, the service is free and it will offer up more info than just PWA support.

Using Google Chrome or your browsers dev tools.

To check manifest, open your site with Google Chrome.

Click [View] –> [Developer] –> [Developer Tools], then click [Application].

There you will see a Manifest tab displaying the PWA information.

That’s all for setting up PWA on Shifter!

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