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Say hello to the new Gatsby Cheat Sheet

The team over at Gatsby just released a helpful resource for their users. It’s a cheat sheet complete with a command line interface reference and a quick start guide.

Let’s check it out!

We think it’s a great idea now only because it highlights using the CLI in a designer-friendly way, it could also be a helpful reminder to seasoned users of a feature they might have forgotten about. Let’s take a look.

The Gatsby cheat sheet covers most of the features from scaffolding to developing and building. While help features do exist in the CLI itself this is a fun way to show off your features to any new user.

If you’re a frequent user of any CLI, you may remember those first few days where you maybe wrote a post-it note with a few commands to reference. This could be exactly that but a whole lot nicer looking.

Did you know that Shifter works with Gatsby?

Using a WordPress site hosted on Shifter along with our custom Webhooks feature, you can send build requests to your Gatsby site. This feature allows users to host their content on Shifter and run WordPress only when they need to. Our unique on-demand container hosting environment is only running while your editors or admins need access to changing their content.

This is all apart of our support for the Gatsby project and the philosophy of building scalable web applications with a greater degree of security, speed, and efficiency.

Download the new GatsbyJS command line reference PDF here, and start your next Gatsby project with Shifer today!

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