Deploy secure sites that scale and end downtime with Shifter, the serverless hosting solution and static site generator for WordPress.

Our Features

It’s more than just WordPress hosting

Outgoing Webhooks

Deploy to Netlify, send notifications to Slack, or build a custom integration all your own.

Integrated CDN

Deliver fast static content to site visitors anywhere in the world with low latency.

HTTP/2 Enabled

Serve content without bottlenecks using our HTTP/2 enabled gateway.

IPv6 Ready

Deploy with IPv6, next generation internet protocol is available on Shifter today.

Security Included

Don't spend another minute configuring security Plugins. We have you covered.

HTTPS Included

Secure your WordPress site using end-to-end encryption with TLS 1.2 supported.

Why Shifter

It’s WordPress hosting, reimagined.

Shifter works with existing themes and plugins so you can create fast static sites using WordPress without writing any code.

Safe and secure

Run WordPress in a secure container only you can access for updating, editing and creating new content.

Fast and reliable

Our CDN-first approach to hosting offers high-availability and scaling when you need it the most and expect it the least.


Stop worrying about security vulnerabilities from WordPress Core, themes, and outdated plugins.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is CDN Included?

Yes! We use Amazon CloudFront CDN and it's included with every site, by default.

Are there any protections against DDoS attacks?

We've got you covered. We use CloudFront with AWS Shield Standard which enables protection against DDoS attacks by default.

Is Shifter a hosting service or a static site generator?

Both! Shifter is a WordPress static site generator and a WordPress hosting solution in one. We host the files that Shifter creates and allow you to connect to custom domains. However, we do not offer domain registration at this time.

Can I use a page builders like Divi or Visual Composer?

Yep! Page builder plugins work great on Shifter and run faster too since they won't require database calls to layout the page.

Can I use custom plugins and themes?

Of course! Most plugins and themes work on Shifter. If you have a question about one in particular, just let us know.

Can I use a custom domain name?

Yes! Custom domains are support on all paid plans.

Our Team

We ❤️ Serverless

Built with zero-maintenance in mind by contributors, maintainers, and champions of the Serverless Framework.

AWS Advanced Technology Partner

We are AWS Certified Engineers leveraging the best of what the cloud has to offer for your benefit.

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