Issuer: Amazon
Expires on: 01 Mar 2019
Current date: 01 Jan 2018


Mismatch between domain name of you had attached to the site and inputed CNAME of DNS server.
For example, in the following figures, domain is registered for Shifter, but is assigned for Shifter’s site on DNS.
When visitors access, they’ll get ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error.

Custom domain on Shifter



Remove current domain from Shifter then assign your domain name (e.g. to it.

How to

Check out and follow Step 2: Add Domain of Assigning a custom domain name on Shifter.
If you want to use/assign both of and to Shifter, never forget input to Domain Name and to Alternative Names.
After that click [Submit] and verify your domain, then attach it.

You’ll get assigned domains, like below figure.

After attaching domain.

DNS settings will be

These settings enables you and visitors to access and

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