Why does my WordPress container stop running?

Shifter is a Static Site Generator and Serverless hosting service for WordPress. This works by running WordPress in a temp environment for you to make edits and updates. When you are ready to deploy your changes Shifter creates a static version of your site and deploys that. Only people with access to the Shifter Dashboard […]

Emergency user

A temporary user to help you to log in to your WordPress site.

Does Shifter have time out for WordPress?

We have two type timeouts for the dashboard. 3 hours for logged in users We have 3 hours time out for logging user for WordPress. You can write a post, modify themes, or make some changes to your WordPress. 15 minutes for a logged out users If you have logged out from WordPress, closed your […]

Unblock pop-up window

Shifter use window pop up feature to previewing an artifact before publishing it. This document describes