Force disabled plugins

Some plugins are hard to run on Shifter and encumber Shifter’s processes.Here are lists of removed or disabled plugins to improve your Shifter experiences. If you’re looking for alternatives, please check Common WP Plugins incompatible with Shifter—and their alternatives. Disabled and removed plugins akismet hello Disabled plugins autoptimize cache-enabler comet-cache head-cleaner hyper-cache litespeed-cache simple-cache sns-count-cache […]

WordPress updating policy

We’ll apply Shifter hosted WordPress after the official released it. Here’re our update policies: Major version up (eg. 5.3, 5.5): Update in a 4-6 days. Minor version up (e.g. 5.3.1, 5.5.3): Update in a couple of days.

How to publish an Artifact at a specified date and time

What is Scheduled Publish Scheduled Publish is a key feature of Shifter. You can release a generated Artiafct on a future date, restore an old Artifact on a specified date, and publish an Artifact for a limited time. How to schedule 1. Login to the Shifter dashboard 2. Navigate to your Shifter site 3. […]