Resend or send webhook manually

Shifter automatically send webhook when it completed artifact generation. But, you can send it again with manually. 1. Login to Dashboard 2. Navigate to Overview page 3. Scroll down to “Deploys” section and click [Detail] of the published Artfact 4. Scroll down to the Webhook section, and click [Invoke Webhook] 5. Webhook has been […]

Converting artifact into subdirectory and publishing it to the external server

Shifter starts to support sub directory publish, but you still need to do some works with it if you’re publishing artifacts into the external server like AWS S3 or Netlify. In this document, we want to introduce and describe our script and how to do it. The webhook for sub directory publishing to the Netlify […]

[Shifter Outgoing Webhook at WordPress start] Send POST request on booting WordPress

Shifter can send its container URL to anywhere you want to send as a POST request.This feature is available for Shifter Static Tier 1 or above. Setting up 1. Start WordPress then navigate to [Webhook] under [Shifter] menu. 2. Input URL you want send container’s URL to. 3. Select “Content-Type” Choose application/x-www-form-urlencoded or application/json 4. […]

Webhook response status

List of web-hook’s response statuses Shifter’s web-hook standards with HTTP response status codeHere are well-known statuses and their means. 20x: Success. No retry. 30x: Follow redirect once, if it gets 30x response again, mark it fails. No retry. 40x: Fail. No retry. 50x: Fail. Try to resend. Connection error: Try to resend. Maximum counts of […]