Custom Domains on Shifter

This article contains step by step guide for adding and assigning your custom domain to your Shifter site.

Assigning an ALIAS Domain

ALIAS records are used when you are trying to alias the root domain / apex zone, such as ( This feature applies to Apex, Naked, or Root domains. Not all DNS providers offer this, so if you’re not sure, just ask. We’ve included some links to providers who support this feature. If you are using […]

How to assign your domain as an ALIAS record

What is an ALIAS record An ALIAS record is a virtual record type that we created to provide CNAME-like behavior on apex domains. For example, if your domain is and you want it to point to a host name like , then you cannot use a CNAME record, but you can use an […]

Add CAA record to enable it for Shifter

What is CAA CAA is a type of DNS record that allows site owners to specify which Certificate Authorities (CAs) are allowed to issue certificates containing their domain names. It was standardized in 2013 by RFC 6844 to allow a CA “reduce the risk of unintended certificate mis-issue.” By default, every public CA is allowed […]

How to enable IPv6

Using your CloudFront domain, enable IPv6 for more speed and security.