How to start up Shifter Headless WordPress

Start up Shifter Headless WordPress 1. Login to Shifter Headless dashboard 2. Click “Headless” 3. Click your Headless site icon 4. Click [Start] button 5. Booting WordPress 6. Running 7. You can access WordPress dashboard with initial credentials if you haven’t changed them. If you have changed them, use updated. That’s all.

Exporting data from Shifter Headless

Some notifications for exporting data from Shifter Headless Shifter Headless can export SQL data SQL data will contain posts pages taxonomies other data on the database. Shifter Headless can not export following data: All of WordPress files which contains plugins, themes All of media files which are managed by Shifter Media CDN Exporting Media You […]

Importing migration data to Shifter Headless

Content Exporting data from your current WordPress site Importing data to Shifter Headless Site Notes Shifter Headless only accept SQL data (Post, Page or other content) for data migration. Exporting data We recommend using All-in-One WP Migration to migrate data. 1. Navigate to WordPress dashboard 2. Add filter to exclude some directories Directories should be […]

Changing site language of WordPress

Default site wide languages is English (United States), you can change it at anytime. How to change site wide language 1. Login to Shifter Headless dashboard 2. Start WordPress (if you stopped it) 3. Login to WordPress dashboard and navigate to [Settings] ==> [General] 4. Confirm current Site Language English (United States) is default. […]