Detecting generator’s access on it’s creating artifacts

Shifter Static will access your site with User-Agent of ShifterGenerator/{version} when it’s creating artifact. You can detect WordPress is running, or Shifter is generating artifact with using this User-Agent. For example, you can set function $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] which contains above User-Agent, on PHP scripts. if ( isset($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]) && strpos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’],’ShifterGenerator’) !== false ) { // some processes […]

Appending URLs to the artifacts

Shifter now supports appending URLs on your How to apply Insert following filter to functions.php on your theme. Code add_filter( ‘ShifterURLS::AppendURLtoAll’, ‘my_append_urls’ ); Limitations URLs should be contained in WordPress (Shifter wont fetch external URLs) URLs should be end with slash (tailing slash) or allowed listed suffix. URLs will be generated with /index.html. Content-Type will […]

Accessing Shifter Static site on the subdirectory through a reverse proxy on own server

Goal Make visitors access to the contents in the subdirectory on the Shifter website through the external server (e.g. EC2) with the domain name (e.g. Forwarding access to Structure External server: Shifter (※): ※ Subdirectory Setting is enabled, subdir is the name of the target subdirectory. Requirements URL of Shifter site (e.g. […]

Enable debug mode on Shifter

Debug mode is a useful tool for troubleshooting and developing WordPress sites. This mode is so useful that it is enabled by default on Shifter-local, and we recommend debugging with it.As the official WordPress support document states, modifying wp-config.php is typically required to enable debug mode on WordPress. However, if you would like to use […]

Developing Custom WordPress Themes or plugins on Shifter with GitHub integration plugin

Shifter does support custom Themes, but when developing custom WordPress Themes on Shifter there are a few tips and notes that can help make the process easier. Custom Theme Workflow The Ideal custom WordPress Theme Setup: Develop Locally using Shifter-Local Migrate your DB changes and Uploads using AIO WP Migration if necessary Track Theme changes […]