Applying a coupon code

Please NoteBefore applying a coupon code, you must to register a valid credit card. Step 1: Access Shifter dashboard Step 2: Apply Discount 1. Navigate to Account from the Top Navigation2. Select Billing from sub menu3. Fill in coupon code to input field and click [Apply] button That’s all!

Upgrade your Shifter Plan

Upgrading your Shifter plan offer premium features like custom domain name, additional bandwidth and storage. Step 1: Login Shifter dashboard Step2: Select your site to upgrade plan Select Site Settings menu in your site. Step 3: Select Site Settings menu in your site Then you can check your current plan. Step 4: Apply New […]

Creating an account

Step 1: Access register page Step 2: Fill in all fields (Name, Username, Email, and Password) Note: Passwords should contain both alphabetic and numerical characters. Step 3: Click [Continue] button, and you’ll get an email with an activation link Step 4: Click the activation link Step 5: Login with your username password That’s […]

Update Billing/Payment Information

To update your registered credit card or change payment information, simply overwrite your current payment method on our Payment page. Step 1: Access Shifter dashboard Step 2: Update Preferred Payment Method Navigate to [Account] from the Top Navigation Select [Payment] Fill in required fields under Update Payment Method section and click [Submit]

Checking Transfer and Storage usage

1. Login to Dashboard 2. Click Site you want to check data 3. Click [Information] 4. Scroll down to the bottom to see Transfers, Storages, also you access MediaCDN Transfer usage if you’ve activated it. Transfer Amount in GB Storage Amount in GB Media CDN Transfer in GB