Setting up a WordPress Theme Development Environment on Shifter Local

Jason McClintock | January 01, 2020

What is Shifter Local?

Shifter Local is a Docker image for testing WordPress themes and plugins while migrating to Shifter.
You can check out Shifter Local here.

This time, I will briefly explain how to create a WordPress theme development environment using Shifter Local.

Before You Start

Make sure Git is set up in you local environment.
Docker must be installed in advance.
Shifter Local is basically a command line tool.

Shifter-Local installation

Git clone to a suitable location.

git clone

Change to the cloned directory.

cd shifter-local

Start Docker.

docker-compose up -d

After launching, access to with a web browser, you should see the WordPress installation screen.

WordPress and theme setup

You can install WordPress on the browser from here, but wp-cli is also included in Shifter Local. So I will explain how to install the test environment on the command line.

First, attach to the container.

docker exec -i -t shifter-local_wp_1 / bin / bash

In the following command, inside the shifter-local_wp_1 container,

1. Install WordPress with the following credentials:
Username: supervisor
Password: strongpassword

2. Install and activate any plugins you might be using

3. Install the theme unit test data

4. Install and enable the starter theme(s) with the theme name sample-theme and activate it.

sudo -u www-data wp core install \
     --path=/var/www/html/web/wp \ \
     --title=Example \
     --admin_user=supervisor \
     --admin_password=strongpassword \ \
&& \
sudo -u www-data wp plugin install \
    --path=/var/www/html/web/wp \
    debug-bar \
    show-current-template \
    wordpress-importer \
    --activate \
&& \
wget wget  \
&& \
sudo -u www-data wp import themeunittestdata.wordpress.xml \
    --path=/var/www/html/web/wp \
    --authors=create \
&& \
rm themeunittestdata.wordpress.xml \
&& \
sudo -u www-data wp scaffold _s sample-theme \
    --path=/var/www/html/web/wp \
    --theme_name="Sample Theme" \
    --author="John Doe"

The theme should have a directory name of sample-theme in volume / app / themes in the directory where docker-compose up -d was executed.

When you open in your browser, WordPress opens with the sample data set up.

You can login from

If you already have a theme or want to clone from git, go to volume / app / themes and do clone from there.

Also, if you execute make clean, you can initialize this environment and start over again.

And that’s it! Thanks for using Shifter!

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