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Announcing new Open Source additions for Shifter Headless

As part of our commitment to open source, we’re happy to announce some new additions that will give some insight to how we’re developing Shifter Headless, and how that development is progressing. Open source is at the core of all of our products, so we’re happy to open our projects to the community.

Shifter Headless Development RoadMap is now available 


We’ve made the development roadmap for Shifter Headless publicly available so users can browse it freely.

You can use this roadmap to guide your development against your own or your customers’ business plans. If you have any questions about detailed information or requests, please feel free to chat.

Shifter Headless supported WordPress plugins


We have also released a list of WordPress plugins that are compatible with Shifter Headless.
Here, you can compatibility before deciding to which plugins to use.
Don’t see a plugin that you need? Feel free to contact us with what plugins you’re using and how you are using them and we’ll be happy to add them to the list. You are also welcome to create your own plugin for Shifter Headless and request that it be added. 

Open source and open minded

We built Shifter headless with engineers in mind. We want our approach to be collaborative with the ability to adapt to the community’s needs. If you are using Shifter Headless, please add our Github repo to your watchlist/favorites. Also, if you are considering introducing Shifter Headless to your workflow, please check the project roadmap to plan your own development schedule. 

Being Shifter Headless is a product that is close to web engineers, and is always open, promoting further growth and development.

If you are using Shifter Headless, please add it to your watchlist / favorites. Also, if you are considering introduction, please see together with your planned development plan.

What’s Shifter Headless?

If you are creating a headless site or considering using a headless CMS, Shifter Headless is a perfect solution.

Shifter Headless lets you develop a modern Jamstack site while using WordPress as your headless CMS with no setup required.

To create a new site on Shifter headless, all you need to do is: 

  1. Log in to your Shifter dashboard
  2. Click Headless
  3. Click create new site (Headless)

And that’s it. You can now begin using WordPress as a headless CMS. No need to install or tweak a server environment.

Give it a try yourself by signing up for a free trial today.
For full details, please see our official support documentation

Thanks for reading!  As always, we look forward to your feedback.